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Experience brighter and bolder displays
The L530U produces more engaging and impactful displays even in brightly lit environments. It offers an impressive 5,200-lumen brightness and WUXGA Full HD resolution at an affordable price. This means you can upgrade to laser performance and reliability, with reduced power consumption. It also features: 4K input support, detail enhancement technology, edge blending and wide lens shift to fit challenging installation environments. The L530U is capable of up to 1,270 cm (500 inch) displays, without any reduction in clarity or vivid detail.

Install with ease
The L530U includes many professional features which make installation simple, even when producing more advanced displays. This stylish and compact projector offers 360-degree installation, without compromising the display quality, and supports 16:6 ultra-widescreen, which means you can maximise the visible display space available. Also, with split-screen capability you can display two or four images from different sources simultaneously, and geometric correction and edge blending help create one large, seamless image using multiple displays.

Scale to suit your environment
Unlike a flat-panel display, there’s no glare, fingerprints or wasted wall space. The image can be scaled to fit the required display size, from 127 cm (50 inch) to 1,270 cm (500 inch). Whether it’s for education, corporates, retail or visitor attractions, the viewing experience can be unrestricted and more engaging for the audience.

Connect and control
The L530U offers many ways to connect, show multiple sources simultaneously and present wirelessly. The future-proofed connectivity options include: HDMI (input and output) and HDBaseT with 4K signal support, 5GHz wireless with enterprise security, built-in media player, built-in Miracast® and support for Epson’s ELPWP10 wireless presentation system. It is also easy to set up and navigate thanks to the intuitive on-screen user guide.

Create customised content for signage
Featuring a built-in media player with network content upload, the L530U allows playlists to be loaded onto a USB storage device and played directly from the projector². Create customised content with your smartphone or tablet using the Epson Creative Projection App or create and schedule playlists using Epson Projector Content Manager software.

Plug, click and collaborate
Collaboration is made easy with Epson’s wireless presentation system, the ELPWP10. Achieve cost-saving and contemporary wireless connectivity. No cables – just plug-and-play!

Take control of your projected images
Achieve greater levels of image manipulation and control with Epson Projector Professional Tool software. Advanced features such as edge blending, projection mapping and multi-projector control are simplified thanks to this free and intuitive tool.

Supports social distancing
Where social distancing remains both a requirement and a responsible consideration, the scalable display size of up to 1,270 cm (500 inch) allows the content to be viewed from any position.


Projection Technology:

Projection Technology:RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system


Analog Input:D-Sub 15Pin: 2
HDbaseT: RJ45 x 1
HDMI: 2Output Terminal:D-Sub 15Pin: 1 Shared with Computer 2Audio Input:Stereo Mini Jack: 2Audio Output:Stereo Mini Jack: 1Interface:2 x VGA, with Audio, 2 x HDMI, 1 x HDMI Out, RS-232, USB Type A & B, Ethernet Port, HD-Base-T port , Audio out & Wireless LAN

Projection Lens:

Type:Optical Zoom (Manual) / Focus (Manual)Zoom Ratio:1-1.6Lens Shift:ManualThrow Ratio Range:1.35 – 2.20 (Wide to Tele)

Contrast Ratio:

Contrast Ratio:2,500,000:1

Screen Size (Projected Distance):

Zoom : Wide:50” – 500” [1.44 – 14.76 m]Zoom : Tele:50” – 500” [2.35 – 23.84 m]

Cool Down Period:

Cool Down Period:Instant Off

Direct Power On/Off:

Direct Power On/Off:Yes

Main Parts Specification:

LCD:Native Resolution: WUXGA (1920 x 1200)Lightsource:Type: Laser Diode
Life (Normal / Quiet / Extended): 20,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 hours

Lens Shift:

Vertical (Up/Down):-50% to +50%Horizontal (Left/Right):-20% to +20%

Power Consumption (220-240V):

Laser Diode:(Normal / Quiet / Extended): 322W / 244W / 244WStandby:(Network / Energy Saving): 2.0W / 0.3W

Direct Power On / Off:

Direct Power On / Off:Yes


Contrast Ratio:2,500,000:1



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